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We are your source for effective natural herbal supplements.

Tibetan Herbal Balance's herbal supplements are original formulas based on ancient Tibetan health texts. These supplements work on all causes of health imbalances with no known negative effects.

Herb-based health: The herbs used in our supplements are collected mainly from the higher regions of Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and Ladakh. They are entirely natural and contain no preservatives, artificial colors or additives.
   Our herbal supplements contain from five to fifty different natural ingredients selected by the nature of their balancing potency, taste and other specific criteria. The supplements can relieve immediate symptoms of many common health problems while restoring balances in the body to promote good health and address related health concerns.

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I had been using inhalers for about 8 years when I found your Lung Support. I tried it about a year ago and have had no more respiratory problems. I have tried the Bladder Support and this old man has no more urinary problems. For depression, I tried the Happiness Support and it is amazing at the quick relief I received. I have made a number of references of your website to my friends. Thank you so very much for the wonderful work you are doing.

– Mr. Ford,
Hampshire, UK

I love your products. My patients notice rapid results with no side effects. Your company is a shining star in the world of Tibetan medicine, showing that the wisdom of the ages is just as applicable today as in the time of the Buddha.

– Almine Barton,
Licensed Acupuncturist,
Portland, Oregon

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