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The Tibetan Science of Healing
The Tibetan Science of Healing, "Sowa Rigpa" in Tibetan, has been taught and practiced throughout Central Asia for more than 2500 years. Elements of Indian, Chinese and Greek medical traditions are integrated with Tibetan practices in a coherent and powerful system. Today, this effective and natural method of healing is practiced in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and Mongolia and is spreading to North America and Europe.

500 mind and body channels
500 mind and
body channels
Five Cosmic Elements
According to the Tibetan texts, the human body is based on the five cosmic elements: earth (solidity), water (fluidity), fire (heat), air (motility), and space (openness). These five elements must be harmonized for optimal health.

Three Basic Energies
Physical and mental health require a balanced circulation of three energies - Vital wind, Bile and Phlegm. Vital wind is related to stress disorders, Bile is related to hotness disorders such as inflammation, and Phlegm is related to digestive disorders. Each of these three energies has five sub-divisions that run throughout the channels, organs, tissues and coordinating centers of the body.

Balancing Energy
When energies are out of balance or impeded in their flow, disorder results. The underlying causes of imbalance are the "three poisons" desire, hatred and delusion. Immediate causes include poor diet, emotional shock or trauma, fatigue, tension, over-work, exposure to bad weather and microorganisms. Imbalances can also be caused due to spiritual causes.

Carefully Balanced Ingredients
Tibetan herbal supplements are carefully balanced in time-tested combinations and concentrations. The herbs are integrated based upon their specific portions such as roots for bone disorders, bark for muscle disorders, branches for nerve disorders, leaves for disorders in the hollow organs such as the intestines and gall bladder, flowers for disorders in the sense organs like eyes and ears, and fruits for disorders in the vital organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys. Our formulas depend on beneficial healing properties, the six basic tastes, the eight potencies and the seventeen effects of the herbs. This extensive formulation process enables Tibetan supplements to work on the root causes of health disorders with no known side effects.

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You can rely on Tibetan Natural Healing's core philosophy of compassion and merit based upon healing. We back up the quality, purity and potency of the ingredients with a full money-back guarantee, and toll-free support.

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I had been using inhalers for about 8 years when I found your Lung Support. I tried it about a year ago and have had no more respiratory problems. I have tried the Bladder Support and this old man has no more urinary problems. For depression, I tried the happiness pill and it is amazing at the quick relief I received. I have made a number of references of your website to my friends. Thank you so very much for the wonderful work you are doing.

– Mr. Ford,
Hampshire, UK

I love your products. My patients notice rapid results with no side effects. Your company is a shining star in the world of Tibetan medicine, showing that the wisdom of the ages is just as applicable today as in the time of the Buddha.

– Almine Barton,
Licensed Acupuncturist,
Portland, Oregon

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