Bladder Support

Bladder Support

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Bladder Support is excellent for a wide range of urinary imbalances including difficult, intermittent, or painful urination. This supplement works by balancing hot energies in all body systems involving urinary health.

Ingredients: Bladder Support blends Shilajit and Cupressus torulosa in careful proportions with seven other regular and rare authentic herbs. Tibetan Herbal Balance supplements incorporate the beneficial health properties, six basic tastes, eight potencies, seventeen effects, and other herb collection criteria. This formula is carefully balanced according to Tibetan health research. Bladder Support works comprehensively on all causes of bladder imbalances with no known negative effects.

  • Chebulic myrobalan (Terminalia chebula fruit) supports healthy function of digestive, respiratory, and renal systems.
  • Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius flower) supports healthy blood and joint health.
  • Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum seed) supports healthy renal function and digestive functions.
  • Shilajit (Mineral exudate) supports healthy digestive function and balances liver and kidney function.
  • Chirata (Swertia chirayita flower) supports healthy liver and gall bladder function.
  • Lodh tree (Symplocos racemosa leaf) supports healthy lung and kidney function.
  • Velvet bean (Mucuna prurita seed) supports healthy function of the spleen.
  • Indian madder (Rubia cordifolia stem) supports healthy intestinal and kidney function, as well as healthy blood.
  • Cupressus torulosa (Cupressus torulosa leaf) supports healthy urinary function. It also eases occasional mental and physical tensions and maintains good water balance in the body.

Use: Take two pills in the morning. Bladder Support begins to work within two to three days and the benefits increase with each day of use. This formula is typically taken for up to a month to help a chronic bladder problem. Once you are balanced, you can discontinue using this supplement. Chew or crush the pills before taking with water. Serving size: 2 pills (472 mg); Servings per container: 30. Do not exceed daily dosage. Keep out of the reach of children.

Bladder Support can also be taken safely two hours apart from conventional medications.